Who is commercialspace.co.za targeted at?

Commercial Space is aimed at individuals and companies looking to buy, sell, lease or develop commercial property within South Africa. While most commercial companies are not very transparent with the stock they have available, Commercial Space shows you what is on offer so that you can enquire about stock that literally looks ideal to your requirements.

Where do I find the propety I am looking for?

We have made it as easy for you to find the relevant properties tailored to your search. We recommend using the search to assist with finding your ideal property. If you are looking for a particular building name, type it into the keywords field.  Alternatively for quick answers call us directly on 021 680 5380 or Jason on his cell at 082 339 2722.

Can I get my property listed on commercialspace.co.za, will I have to pay?

Commercial Space are the sole agent/brokers dedicated to this site. We do help those who wish to list stock if you are a private landlord or even another broker/agent looking to get maximum exposure for your property. Send us an email with your agency details or contact details and we will evaluate the possibility of listing your properties.  To list the property is a FREE service, however should commercial space be the effective cause of leasing/selling your premises we would look to the landlord to pay a commission fee.

Where is Commercial Space based?

Commercial Space predominately focuses on commercial properties in the Western Cape region of South Africa. We have brokers who are highly trained in all areas of the Western Cape who will assist with placing a tenant into your building or securing you a buyer.

Should You Work With A Commercial Property Broker?

The commercial real estate (Commercial Property) market is much less standardized than the residential real estate market.  Just keeping up with what is available and being able to find suitable options is difficult within the commercial property sector.  Being able to find suitable options with factors such as zoning, servitudes, rentable area and usable area and many different aspects effecting the commercial property lease are things an experienced commercial property broker can help you with.  Considering the fact that the landlord is normally the one that pays the broker’s commission, there is absolutely really no reason not to work with a commercial property broker when leasing commercial real estate as this is an invaluable free and no legal permutations advice you can receive from an expert in the field who will have your best interest at heart.

When Choosing A Commercial Real Estate (Commercial Property) Broker

When deciding on who to choose as a commercial property broker, you would want to choose a broker who has a thorough understanding of the market and has all the local market related rentals at his fingertips to ensure you are paying the correct rental.  Whilst Commercial Property Brokers in Cape Town generally all have the same stock available to them; reason being there are rarely sole mandates signed in Commercial Real Estate, it is also quite common to find a suitable tenant broker.  A tenant broker does the same job as a commercial property broker however he/she will ask you to sign a representation agreement whereby this assures him/her that you will only use their services to find you suitable premises.  This allows them to put more time and effort in sourcing you options with the comfort of knowing you will use only them and not see the same properties with another broker. When choosing a commercial real estate broker, you may want to work with a tenant broker in contrast to leasing agents (also falls under “Commercial Broker”) who represent the landlord, tenant brokers specialize in showing property to potential lessees.

How do you get paid as a Commercial Property Broker?

One of the toughest parts about being a commercial property broker is the battle out the gates when starting out.  Unfortunately there is a load of uncertainly as to when your first pay check will arrive and thus having funds to see you throughout the first six months at least; is required to see you break into the industry.  Being a commercial property broker means you are a commission based earner.  This leads many brokers starting out with the intention of eventually owning their own property to draw an income from.  Having an experienced broker show you the ropes in my opinion is a must when starting out.

Fees are generally set out in accordance with the “old” SAPOA tariff but can be negotiated from deal to deal depending on the size, scope and magnitude of the opportunity.

Any final words to someone wanting to become a Commercial Property Broker?

  • Understanding Cap rates for investment properties as well as understanding the cash flows and returns are specific for your investment purchasers.
  • Knowing how to unlock value in property that can be renovated and achieve significantly higher rental due to its location and increased demand in the area.  This clearly involves more risk for the purchaser.  Therefore the broker needs to have information at his fingertips about the happenings in the area, improvements being made, council plans for improvements in the area and town planner’s ideas.
  • Finally being in a position to know what current tenants are paying in the area and know what the market related rentals are in order to place your tenant and negotiate their lease on favourable terms in order to provide a fair, affordable and appropriate rent.

At Commercial Space we pride ourselves in recognizing our clients needs and are well acquainted with the buildings we let or sell in all areas we cover.  It is in our best interest to save our client’s time and money by acquiring them the right property for the right price/rental in the right area.

What exactly do you do as a Commercial Property Broker?

Being a commercial property broker requires a lot of networking and cold calling up front to build a data base whereby you can form good relationships with people within the industry.  In essence a commercial property broker connects buyers and sellers of investment properties or properties to be used by companies for office or industrial use.  A commercial property broker also sources tenants for industrial property and commercial properties and hence it is imperative that you have the relations, resources and are above average at networking and connecting people.