Meet The Team

Founder of Commercial Space, Jason Elley began the Commercial Real Estate Property Company in 2004.  Jason specialised in investment sales and leasing at Colliers where he worked for 5 years prior to starting up his own company.

“Effective use of property can increase profitability, attract quality staff, enhance your image and make your business more efficient and easy to run.”

We realize the importance of property to your business as it is an issue which impacts on every company in Cape Town. It is vital that businesses think about property issues and the effect that property – from use to location – has on competitiveness.

In Cape Town we are noticing significant change in the property market and any successful business cannot afford to ignore this key area.

For most companies property is the second highest business cost.

Commercial property usually represents over a third of total business assets;
and running costs can be the second highest cost after wages. Property is therefore key to business success: not only does it dominate your financial
statements, but it can also provide real competitive advantage through its location, the working and sales environments it provides, and
the image and profile it supports.

A lack of strategic awareness around property means that many companies have little knowledge of their property costs. Email Commercial Space for assistance with your property needs!


Commercialspace admin is run by a small team of commercial property experts who ensure that the content is always up to date and relevant.

Commercialspace has been successfully operating for  over 10 years now.

Companies such as RED BULL, DHL, PERNOD RICARD chose to use Commercial Space to assist them in relocating their office or warehouse space.