First impressions count for a lot in many aspects of business, and commercial property sales are no exception.

Prospective office space buyers are far more likely to show interest in a building that looks good – both on the inside and outside. Here are some simple ways to make sure that your building or office unit meets their expectations.

Stepping into a commercial space should be a great experience

There’s a popular idea out there that business to business sales are all about numbers, specifications and matching customers’ expectations on paper. This approach may be effective for selling office equipment, but not when it comes to commercial property.

An office space sale can be just as emotional as buying a home – and just as much work needs to go into making it attractive.

When a prospective buyer arrives at your building for a viewing and makes their way through the interior, you have anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute to impress them.

Here are some ways to do just that.

Boost your curbside appeal

Your building’s exterior (including the street and pavement around it) is the first thing prospective buyers see. It’s important to keep this area clean, safe, and green. Remember to choose trees and plants that are indigenous and water-friendly.

The Interior: clean lines and eye-catching finishes

When it comes to showing your office space, it’s always best to keep things simple, elegant and user-friendly.

Neutral wall colours, contrasting with interesting space dividers and other fittings, are a great way to make your interior appealing without breaking the bank.

Make sure that your office space reflects success. Look at the lighting and layout. Does the office offer a mix of private and open workspaces, and environmental elements such as plants, water and natural light?

Bring your show space to life with real furnishings – or even real people

If you have a dedicated office unit that’s used as a show space, you’ll be able to invest in some stylish office furniture and equipment to bring the space to life. Part of this space could also double as your building management office, provided that the space can be kept neat and cleaned prior to viewings.

This will give prospective buyers a unique “live experience” of how the space is used by a working office.

If you’d like to market your Cape Town commercial property to vetted and approved buyers, contact us today. Our area specialists are on hand to answer any questions you may have.