Demand for commercial property near airports is on the rise in cities around the world, and Cape Town is no exception.

As businesses reap the benefits of being located near major travel hubs, a wave of new developments is transforming the Airport Industria area into an aerotropolis – a new city layout that reflects the needs of  21st century businesses.

Airports set to become the hearts of new cities

The areas around airports were once reserved for industrial compounds and military buildings, attracting significantly lower property prices than areas closer to city centres.

Lately, this approach has been totally reversed in newly-developed cities that are built around airports. Experts are referring to this new type of urban area as an “aerotropolis.”

  • An aerotropolis (a fusion of airport and metropolis) is a city that has an airport as a central hub, just like a metropolis has a CBD at its centre.
  • This layout allows people and goods to travel with minimum inconvenience thanks to shorter transit times.

For businesses that rely on time-sensitive air freighting, operate as distribution centres, need warehousing or that have executives who travel frequently, having commercial premises close to an airport is a necessity.

Airport Industria – Cape Town’s aerotropolis in-the-making

If the idea of a high-tech urban area with jets flying overhead sounds like a dream, Airport Industria may just be the place where it comes true.

New commercial properties are transforming this area into a business hub, with nearby residential developments providing short commutes from home to work.

With the airport just a few minutes away, businesses as diverse as laboratory services, logistic companies and even investment consultancies are reaping the benefits of having premises in the Mother City’s first and only aerotropolis.

A property investment that’s geared toward the future

As growth and development charges ahead in neighbouring countries and South Africa reignites its economic engine under a new president, air travel is becoming a regular activity for many businesspeople.

As a result, the value proposition of commercial properties in the vicinity of the airport will only increase – and for property owners, that could mean excellent return on investment.

If you’re considering a property investment or office space rental with easy access to Cape Town International, contact us today. Our area specialists are on hand to assist you.