Epping Industria is one of Cape Town’s best-known areas for wholesale, manufacturing, and industrial premises.

With its location within easy driving distance of Cape Town International Airport and the Cape Town Harbour, Epping is ideally located – and that’s just the first of many benefits.

In this area focus, we’ll take a look at the history, layout, and property offerings that make Epping Industria such a unique area and excellent business location.

Designed for business

Epping’s history dates back to the 1940s when Cape Town was experiencing robust growth and development after World War 2. The area’s circular roads, named after famous war generals and Bofors – a famous artillery maker – are a tribute to the allied victory in the Second World War.

From the outset, Epping was envisaged as an industrial hub. Its roads provide easy transport access to the industrial parks, wholesale outlets and factories that make up most of the area’s developments.

Epping’s proximity to Cape Town’s airport and harbour is more than a simple convenience for businesses in the area – it also reduces logistics costs and transport time significantly.

Epping is well-served by buses, trains and minibus taxis, providing transportation options for workers who don’t have private vehicles. The area’s central location makes it easier for employees to arrive at work on time without having to commute for hours.

Safety and security for your staff, equipment and merchandise

Industrial areas sometimes have an unfortunate safety reputation – but Epping is a notable exception.

  • The Epping CID, which is modelled on the CBD’s CCID initiative, provides 24-hour security for Epping businesses, customers and employees.
  • With CCTV cameras covering the area, Epping is actively monitored by crime prevention experts.
  • Should an incident occur, the Epping CID’s armed response units are on 24-hour standby.

Epping’s compact layout allows security services to patrol the area effectively and arrive on the scene within minutes when needed.

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