Technical innovation and environmental sustainability are the two biggest ideas behind today’s building revolution. As energy-efficiency and minimising carbon footprints become a necessity, buildings around the world are becoming assets to their local areas instead of liabilities.

Future cities will have to do more than house people and provide transportation and other services to their residents – they will have to create nurturing spaces where people can thrive and prosper.

There are many opinions as to how this could be achieved, but experts seem to agree that an urban environment that is safe, green, digitally connected and easy to get around is the ideal incubator for growth and human talent.

Where South African cities are concerned, Cape Town is at the forefront of green building and smart technologies.

Green buildings abound in the Cape

Several Cape Town buildings have been Green Building certified this year, including two newly opened developments in the CBD. 11 Adderley and 33 Bree & 30 Waterkant both received four stars from the Green Building Council in recognition of the sustainable technologies and low monthly pollution that they generate.

As green technology becomes a major selling point for attracting property investors and prospective tenants, we can expect many more such projects to emerge from Cape Town’s building boom.

Facilities management in the spotlight

The day-to-day management of a building can have a significant impact on its environmental impact – and the facilities management industry is doing its part to support green building practices across the globe.

The recently announced career map for professional facilities managers is paving the way for talented young people to enter the industry as it modernises and ensures compliance with regulations that will safeguard the quality of life of city dwellers for years to come.

This development comes just in time for Cape Town, where a host of new green buildings have been built over the past few years. Forward-thinking facilities managers are the perfect candidates to manage these future buildings as the city continues its path to sustainability.

If you would like to buy or rent office space in a building that incorporates smart technology and green building systems, contact us today. Our area experts are on hand to guide you through our portfolio of twenty-first century commercial premises.

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