Just imagine if Cape Town could be home to hundreds of innovative tech companies, employing tens of thousands of people in high-value jobs and spurring growth in the premium office space market…

There’s no need to imagine it, because it’s already true. The Mother City is at the cutting edge of Africa’s tech industry – and the city’s commercial property sector is already reaping the benefits.

A magnet for high-tech companies

There’s been much talk lately about the Silicon Cape movement, and the high-tech trend that started over a decade ago is now in full swing. Cape Town is now home to almost 60% of South Africa’s tech and tech-enabled businesses, employing over 40 000 tech professionals and serving clients all over the world.

The city’s combination of breathtaking scenery, a world-class local government and excellent tertiary education facilities at UCT and Stellenbosch is proving irresistible to tech investors.

According to Sumarie Roodt, chairperson of Silicon Cape, “The State of Cape Town Central Report 2018 says the lifestyle of Cape Town promotes creativity, innovation and inspiration because of the mountains, ocean and nature. People are coming here to be creative and innovative. They’re drawn to it. There’s a tech culture that has boomed here, with technically innovative products”.

As highly skilled professionals and international investors flock to Cape Town, the city is perfectly positioned to grow and weather some of the economic storms that are facing the rest of South Africa.

For Capetonians who are uncertain about the country’s future, the good news couldn’t have come at a better time.

CBD, Century City are the areas to watch

The Cape Town CBD has gone from a neglected region 20 years ago to a thriving, rejuvenated and redeveloped area today.

With new developments being completed virtually every month, there is a world of commercial property options for tech companies looking to headquarter in Cape Town central.

Prime CBD office space in buildings including Portside, Convention Tower and the Halyard is becoming especially sought-after. Meanwhile, Century City has been experiencing exceptional growth over the past few years – and when it comes to the tech industry, it has become the area of choice for innovative companies.

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