Cape Town Office Rentals – Portside – Over 18 000m² available to rent!

Everyone has to turn their heads to get a better look at the gleaming new glass building Portside as you enter Cape Town. There is no denying the fact that commercial businesses are scrambling to be the first to snatch up space here in order to have a prime position and a great view. You would think that Cape Town office rentals of this type would cost and arm and a leg, but at around R 150- R185/m², we feel at Commercial Space that this is absolutely reasonable.

If you are worried about parking and security, you can find prime parking bays starting from as little as just R1100 per month too. The fact that these Portside office rentals have come on the market at such a prime rate means that every business has the opportunity to be part of something great – and at Commercial Space we want to make this location your businesses home!

Of course you should still worry about the usual things when looking at this particular prime office rentals spot. Take into consideration what type of business you are running. The nature of your business will dictate what sort of location you should be looking at. Affordability is also a key element. Remember that by law, rental agents and property brokers will need to carry out a credit check on every applicant to ensure that they can afford the property that they intend to rent.

As your dedicated assistant we will gladly take you to view the Portside property, or similar properties that will meet with your needs and requirements. We will ensure that a suitable rate is negotiated for you and that a lease agreement that protects both parties is drawn up. In addition to this, we will provide you with information on the area. Of course if you have any problems with the lease or the property in the coming months, simply come to us and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

At Commercial Space we offer prime Cape Town office rentals at an affordable rate. While we have space available in the Portside building, we encourage you to make enquiries and applications to rent before it is too late. Avoid potential disappointment and book a viewing of this property without delay. If you are looking for office space rentals of between R 150 – R185/m² with a prime location in Cape Town and an exceptional view, then this is the property for you!

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