Commercial Property to Rent in Salt River

With a number of recent developments over the past few years, commercial property to rent in Salt River has become highly sought-after.

This suburb lies between Observatory and Woodstock, and is accessible via major roads, highways and railway line. The name comes from the Dutch/Afrikaans name ‘Sout Rivier’ – the river that runs through the area. During its early days, this area gained rather a reputation for its industrial nature, with textiles, baking and automotive factories all based here. These days, it is an up-and-coming hub for a diversity of retail, industrial and office businesses.

Many premises are mixed use, with offices, storage facilities, warehousing and parking features that cater to this diversity of trade.

Finding Salt River Commercial Property to Rent

Salt River commercial property to rent can be found across the suburb, in its popular blocks on Victoria Road as well as hotspots such as the fairly new Upper East Side building off Main Road. Creative industries are drawn to the industrial look and vast space offered, while retailers are attracted to the high volume of foot traffic within the busier areas.

The Main Road alone is a hub of activity, with an eclectic blend of beautiful old facades, modern buildings, tiny shops and large warehouses, while there are also plenty of spaces found along Lower Main Road and Albert Road heading towards the Observatory side.

All in all, this ensures a good variety of options on offer, making it easier for you to find just the right commercial property to rent in Salt River.

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