Commercial Space to Rent in Constantia

While the area may not be a major urban centre, the growing number of commercial space to rent in Constantia shows how outlying areas are becoming more popular. There is an increasing need for commercial rentals in suburban neighbourhoods. As areas such as the CBD reach saturation point, many businesses are turning to secondary hubs as a way to offer workers a central, safe place to work.

Constantia is easily assessable from both the southern suburbs and the southern peninsula. It is also close to major highways, making it central to the City Centre as well. Surrounded by vineyards, a lush greenbelt and plenty of trees, this area offers an inviting place to base a corporate headquarters, office, shop or corporate practice, with much to offer. Thanks to the small but excellent selection of commercial space to rent in Constantia, the area is sure to continue its growth in the next few years.

Finding Constantia Commercial Space to Rent

Wondering where to find the best Constantia commercial space to rent? One of the top complexes and office parks in this area include Alphen Office Park. Situated on Constantia Road, this park has an excellent location just off the M3 highways. Amazing views of Constantia are enjoyed from these offices, while a number of offices, a fully equipped kitchen, parking and other features are also on offer.

Other parks and complexes include Lone Palm Court, which is also centrally located on Constantia Road. This complex offers offices of 122 square metres, plus a host of features. Constantia Village meanwhile offers premium facilities and an enviable location, plus a range of options that include office, leisure, retail and corporate spaces.

If you’re looking for areas close to our Constantia commercial space to let, you could also consider Steenberg, Westlake or even Newlands. Get in touch with our team to find out more about commercial space to rent in Constantia.

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