Commercial Space to Rent in Steenberg

Nestled within a fertile valley and surrounded by winelands, mountain and greenery, commercial space to rent in Steenberg provides a somewhat idyllic environment. This area offers a fairly good range of premises, catering to offices and business space for the most part.

Accessibility to city centres and other major routes is possible via highways that head into the CBD as well as nearby suburbs, as well as the Metrorail train route via nearby stations such as Retreat. Office blocks such as Silverberg Steenberg Terrace have the distinct advantage of breath-taking views too – ideal for boosting employee morale and for making a good first impression with clients.

Finding Steenberg Commercial Space to Rent

The location of this area between Constantia, Tokai and Westlake, not to mention the range of well-known landmarks such as Steenberg Estate and even the nearby Blue Route Mall has brought the area from residential to dual purpose. In fact, Steenberg commercial space to rent is sought-after for this very reason – offering conveniently situated work premises for company owners residing in the greater southern suburbs.

From a foot and drive-in traffic point of view, Steenberg is not too far off the beaten path. The area can be accessed through a number of different roads as well as major highways, making it ideal for office blocks and smaller corporate spaces, as well as retail outlets.

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