Decentralised management has been gaining popularity in recent years, and the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated this trend.

As companies plan to reopen after the lockdown, the focus is on workplace health and safety and social distancing. This ties in perfectly with decentralised management, spacious shared office space, and remote working within a suburban office that offers a short commute – a big help in reducing the congestion on our roads!

Just 10kms South of the Cape Town CBD, Claremont is ahead of the curve in this regard, with its great selection of modern commercial buildings that are equipped with the latest tech. The innovation of technology allows people from different industry to work together in the shared space of decentralised hubs.

A new business hub for the post-COVID economy

When staff and management return to their offices after the lockdown, it certainly won’t be “business as before”. There’s a new normal when it comes to interpersonal contact, with an emphasis on personal space and excellent building ventilation.

This type of setup certainly favours modern office buildings – and puts outdated cubicle layouts at a disadvantage.

Claremont boasts some of the city’s newest buildings, with many older buildings having been fully renovated to comply with modern safety standards and interior layout. This popular prestigious decentralised hub is already home to several of SA’s biggest financial and private equity companies such as Coronation, Citadel, RECM and Brait.

  • Companies that are planning to adopt a remote working policy in the future will still find that in-person meetings are essential from time to time.
  • A building with spacious shared space, well-ventilated meeting rooms and high-speed internet access and teleconferencing facilities is not only ideal – it’s becoming essential.

Draper on Main is just one example of several excellent mixed-use development choices in Claremont. This brand new Green Star development features spacious office units with wide spaces that can be customised according to your team’s requirements.

Finding a building that’s equipped with the facilities and layout that will suit the post-lockdown business environment is key.

Looking for new office space? Contact our area specialists

We believe that Claremont’s selection of commercial property, competitive pricing and central location make it the ideal place to look when choosing new premises.

For more information on this development and the other modern office spaces we have available in Claremont, contact the Commercial Space team today.