Commercial & Industrial Property Management Specialists

Commercial Space is a dedicated specialist property management service where we work closely with our clients in offering a hands-on and professional service; a one stop shop for commercial and industrial property management, covering leasing, administrative, secretarial, accounting and facilities management.

With a background in property management and commercial property broking our unique blend of skills and experience enable us to offer unsurpassed value to our clients when it comes to property management.

Our pillars of success include:

Our People – Our work ethic, honesty and integrity, client relationships, ambition and passion for property shall be the driving forces behind this property management company.

Information Technology – the intelligent use of information technology is a foundation of property management success as the absence of reliable accurate information hampers the making of sound decisions.

For this purpose, we shall utilise a property management software package known as MDA which has 2800+ licensed users at 300+ sites across Africa and the Middle East.

Administration – Reliable and efficient administration with strict adherence to procedural and fiscal disciplines is absolutely essential and will enable us to provide quality services to our clients.

Financial Integrity – With an administration systems and subscription to strict corporate governance, we shall be well positioned to manage the financial affairs of our clients. We are registered with the Estate Agents Board and hold a current Fidelity Fund Certificate.

Our hands on operational strategy will include monthly Management Meetings, together with weekly operational meetings where we are actively involved in the strategic and operational management of your assets on an ongoing basis.

Some of Commercial Space’s property management division core services include;

  • Collecting monthly tenant rental.
  • Leasing vacant and expiring space at competitive market rentals.
  • Handing over of defaulting debtors.  Liaison with collection attorneys.
  • Paying monthly creditors.
  • Facilities Management together with the Building Manager of the property, including sourcing quotes on direction of the Landlord, liaising with contractors, overseeing tenant installations, quality control of repairs and maintenance, payment of contractors.
  • Coordinating marketing campaigns for the property through an assigned marketing agency (Retail)
  • Payment of excess funds to the owner on the 7th and 15th of every month
  • Ensuring correct tenant mix
  • Together with the Building Manager, ensuring all of the Landlord’s liabilities are met in terms of fire audits, together with overseeing contracted service providers including security, cleaning and building management.

We have significant Commercial, Industrial, retail knowledge and experience and as a result will be able to add value to your portfolio.

Our efficient and effective systems will complement the asset management direction provided by the Landlord.

As a team, we shall ensure the properties within the portfolio become standout properties in their respective areas.  We will do this by aggressively managing the properties from a cost control perspective whilst at the same time strategically making the properties attractive to tenants.

Our unique marketing skills and databases allow us to make sure your building is always being looked after and does not stand vacant long.  Our relationships with tenants around the globe are such that they are very happy tenants and always happy to be in buildings managed by Commercial Space.

Be sure to give us a call for a quote or discuss any further opportunities.

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