Montague Gardens is one of Cape Town’s foremost industrial areas, with a location and choice of properties that make it perfect for business.

If you’re looking for premises for manufacturing, warehousing, or office space for a related business with easy access to the Mother City’s sea and air transit hubs, Montague Gardens is a must-see.

In this article, we’ll find out more about this sought-after industrial area and why it’s a favourite among business owners and commercial property investors.

An industrial gateway to the Northern Suburbs

Montague Gardens is located west of Milnerton and north of Century City. Along with its neighbours, it forms one of Cape Town’s most exciting growth areas.

While Century City and Milnerton are both fast-growing residential and commercial areas, Montague Gardens is primarily industrial.

Businesses based in Montague Gardens serve clients from the surrounding areas, as well as the greater Cape Town area and beyond. For light industrial, manufacturing and warehousing businesses serving customers in other parts of South Africa or abroad, logistics are always important.

Fortunately, Montague Gardens is ideally located at the mid-point between Cape Town International airport and the Cape Town Harbour. This allows for easy delivery of goods to the city’s sea- and airport, speeding up delivery times.

An excellent range of industrial and commercial property to choose from

Being an industrial area that borders on two prominent residential and commercial hubs, Montague Gardens caters to a variety of businesses.

From warehousing space to small retail outlets, the area has a large variety of premises on offer. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy an entire factory or a single shop in one of the new mall developments, Montague Gardens is a great place to look.

Premises in the area range from under 100m2 to over 3 000m2, with the average cost per square metre ranging from R50 to R100.

Let us help you secure the commercial property that best suits your needs

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