From its trendy bars and art studios to its cutting-edge tech companies, Woodstock lives and breathes diversity.

Located between the CBD and Southern Suburbs, Woodstock is a gateway to every part of Cape Town. Commercial property tenants are flocking to the area, with new creative industries, IT, and tech start-ups choosing to base their enterprises in Woodstock each month.

If you’ve never experienced Woodstock’s commercial side, you’re probably curious about what the area has to offer. Here’s what you need to know.

Creativity, freedom and a new breed of entrepreneurship

Cape Town’s business scene has undergone a transformation in recent years as the Mother City embraces global entrepreneurship trends.

While there are still plenty of excellent traditional corporate office buildings in the city, there is great demand for creative spaces where startups feel at home.

  • Woodstock’s creative atmosphere is the perfect setting for cutting-edge businesses that strive to attract free-thinking young talent.
  • With more cafes, bars, gallery spaces and studios than you can count, Woodstock is a gathering place for creatives in Cape Town.

For these reasons, employers will have no trouble attracting the talent they need with a Woodstock address.

Easy access to the CBD and Southern Suburbs

With clients spread across the city, businesses need to be located in areas with easy access to transportation.

Woodstock is just a few minutes from the CBD by car or MyCiti bus, while the Southern Suburbs can be reached within 15 minutes, traffic permitting.

A great selection of commercial property

Most of the office space in Woodstock has been recently built or renovated. This gives property owners and tenants a great choice of modern, trendy premises at excellent prices. For startups and businesses that are keen to streamline costs, Woodstock may be the ideal area.

If you’d like to know more about commercial properties in Woodstock, or view our portfolio of office space, contact us today.