Running a successful business has a great deal to do with the quality of your product and service, but where you are situated and operate your business from can have quite a large bearing on how profitable your business is. Your clients should feel safe paying a visit to your offices and of course you are going to want to present a professional image of your business to your existing and potential clients. If you are looking for top-end commercial property in Cape Town for 2014 then you will certainly be spoiled for choice. However, the best properties are snapped up quickly and if you want to ensure that you aren’t disappointed, you better get the hunting process underway.

Shopping around for the best commercial space will require you to take a variety of factors into consideration. Firstly, who is your target market? You are going to want to be as conveniently placed to those who support your company as possible. Secondly, how much space do you require? Will stock be delivered to your offices or will this just be the place where everything is arranged and clients are dealt with? Ensure that you only view premises that are big enough and have a little room for your business to grow. Also, how much you can afford to spend and budgeting accordingly is also of utmost importance. Eliminating properties that are out of budget are a must to avoid putting the company or yourself in a sticky situation soon.

It is always advised that you take on the services of a professional commercial property broker or real estate agent when seeking out the best commercial property available in Cape Town. Leaders on the market such as Commercial Space will even ensure that you can browse through potential properties online and make a shortlist of those that you wish to actually see. Make sure that you have a note of exactly what you are looking for when you are shopping around  – when you find a place that checks all the boxes, you will know that you have found your business its new home.


See a list below for some of our most popular areas and which properties are listed:

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