The Commercial Space team is always on the lookout for fresh talent, and we recently welcomed Eva Hedenskog to the fold.

With her dedication to professionalism, a passion for property, and years of experience in the industry, Eva brings a great range of skills to her role as property broker. Let’s get to know our newest agent a little better.

A skilled professional with a wealth of experience

Eva grew up in Pretoria (Tshwane) and moved to Cape Town soon after finishing high school. She’s been a proud Capetonian ever since – and her passion for Cape Town property shines through.

Having started her working career in the film industry, Eva branched out into film and advertising to broaden her professional experience and challenge herself in every possible way.

When family life beckoned, she made the leap into entrepreneurship and ran a successful hair salon in Chelsea Village, Wynberg for several years.

Having sold her successful business, Eva decided to apply her professional knowledge and interpersonal skills to the challenges of the real estate industry. She joined a residential property agency where she learned the ins and outs of the property market and got her first taste of success as an estate agent.

A dynamic new face at Commercial Space

Eva is always up for a challenge, and when the pace of residential property started to feel too slow she decided to try her hand at Cape Town commercial property.

In July 2019, Eva joined the Commercial Space team as an area specialist serving clients in the CBD. In less than a year, she has signed several prominent tenants including restaurants and medical doctors in private practice.

Despite the challenging economic conditions over the past year, Eva has proven that experience matched with passion can overcome the odds and produce extremely successful results.

Eva’s 5 Keys to Success

What sets an outstanding commercial property agent apart from the crowd? We asked Eva to share five principles of success that she applies in her new role at Commercial Space.

Here’s what she said.

1. “I love the challenge of thinking on your feet and moving quickly to assist clients.”

2. “I’m dedicated to my clients – no matter how big or small their budget!”

3. “I listen to their needs and keep myself well familiarised with the commercial property stock in town.”

4. “Service and professionalism are non-negotiable.”

5. “I believe in full disclosure and transparency to boost clients’ satisfaction levels and increase the chances of a lease renewal.”

If you’re in the market for a commercial property in the Cape Town CBD, feel free to contact Eva or any of our area specialists today.