Parking is always at a premium in Cape Town – especially in the CBD – yet commercial property owners often complain that either their parking bays are standing empty, or they can’t find available parking.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue. Next time a building owner is wondering how to find monthly parking tenants, you can say those five words we all want to hear: there’s an app for that.

ParkUpp – disrupting the parking lot (in a good way)

While Uber brings together passengers and drivers, ParkUpp matches cars (and their owners) with parking spaces.

This innovative app has been making headlines in the months since its launch, with a number of buildings in premium locations in Joburg and Cape Town already listed. On the app’s Cape Town section, parking spaces at Union Castle and in Buiten Street have already been listed, with other locations expected to appear soon.

For Capetonians who work in town and have trouble finding parking, ParkUpp may be exactly the solution they’ve been waiting for.

Safe spaces at reasonable rates

With an influx of professionals to the CBD, the city’s limited parking spaces have become a headache for residents and visitors alike.

As municipal parking spaces become more expensive and difficult to come by, motorists are increasingly parking in side streets – and even illegally in parking bays that belong to private homes and office buildings.

With safety concerns, legal issues arising from illegal parking, and the sheer inconvenience of having to walk for ages to and from their parking spaces, visitors to the CBD may be keen to check out the listings on ParkUpp.

  • The app is new but growing, with several parking locations already listed in the CBD, Eerste River, and Maynard Mall.
  • The average price per parking bay is around R1 000, with the highest price currently listed standing at R1 500.
  • The locations listed on the app, which are marketed as “safe spaces”, feature services like CCTV monitoring and access control for your peace of mind.

If you’re a commercial property owner in Cape Town and would like to take advantage of the ParkUpp platform, simply visit the company’s website. You’ll be able to view the parking spaces on offer and the registration requirements for parking owners online.

Our portfolio of commercial property in the greater Cape Town area includes premises with ample parking spaces. If you’d like to invest in this in-demand property type, contact one of our area specialists today.