Finding Industrial Property in Cape Town

This article will give an introduction to industrial property and an overview of the Cape Town market.

There is a fair amount of industrial property available in Cape Town and the surrounding areas, depending on where and what your needs are.  Your company’s industrial property needs depend on the nature of your business.  With a detailed statement of requirements a broker can help you determine the kind of space that will most benefit your business.  Logistical and operational factors are important to consider when it comes to choosing an industrial property.  Factors like staff accessibility, high volume distribution space and raised loading, will help to narrow down your search.  Buildings in different areas have different power supply options available to them.

Industrial property in Cape Town includes warehouses, factories and developing sites available for new development.  In Cape Town there is a big demand for high volume facilities with big yards to accommodate vehicles, trucks with large turning circles.  Power availability across the city is limited and property with large power supplies is in high demand.  Most industrial properties host logistics companies, manufacturers and retailers.  The industrial areas close to Cape Town harbour and container depots are especially popular with companies that need warehouses.

Property experts report Cape Town to favour the tenants.  Businesses are taking advantage of competitive lease terms.  Cape Town has relatively low industrial property vacancy rates, so investors seeking to invest in industrial property might struggle to find prime property as it is in short supply.  Property that comes on the market is sold very quickly.  There is a lack in availability of modern properties – especially for larger companies.

Most vacancies are available in the following areas:

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