Occupancy at the Great Westerford development in Claremont continues to rise, with demand for commercial property drawing dynamic businesses to this premium commercial space in Cape Town’s southern suburbs.

Over the past few months, Commercial Space has been proud to secure several dynamic commercial rentals at Great Westerford for a range of businesses, including Bateleur Capital, CASA, and Aquilon.  These companies will join a host of other organisations, including Korbitec and Macquarie Bank, which are based at Great Westerford.

Attracting cutting-edge businesses from a variety of sectors

Great Westerford’s newest tenants are from a wide range of commercial sectors and are innovators in their respective fields.  We would like to showcase two of the cutting-edge businesses that have chosen to base their offices at Great Westerford through Commercial Space.

Bateleur Capital is a pioneering fund management business specialising in investment portfolios which are designed to beat inflation and outperform conventional investments including the JSE all share index.

The company also offers a global fund for investors who would like to spread the risk of their investments.  Through its use of advanced analysis techniques and its close contact with corporate management, Bateleur Capital offers a unique approach to wealth management.

Aquilon is a specialised consultancy operating in the oil and gas sector.  The company was acquired by the Adapt IT group at the end of 2013 and serves several large clients as part of Adapt IT Energy.

Adapt IT Energy provides comprehensive solutions to large oil companies, with a focus on clients that operate on the African continent with its abundant oil reserves.  From project management to technical consulting and IT solutions, this dynamic consultancy offers its clients support in virtually every aspect of their business.

Decentralised office space – the smart choice

Following the general trend in Cape Town, low occupancies in commercial offices outside the CBD are becoming the norm.  As Great Westerford continues to see its commercial rentals increase, the benefits of lighter traffic, low pollution levels and a host of lifestyle activities are drawing an increasing number of cutting edge firms to this stately development.

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