Is it worth paying higher rentals for green office space?

If you’re going back to the office in 2022, you’ve probably already started the search for modern commercial property that suits your needs. In Cape Town, that likely means viewing a number of green buildings – but are they worth the higher rentals for green office space?

In the age of sustainability, doing business the green way can add serious credibility to your brand. Marketing aside, there are several reasons why a green office space could be more affordable in the long run and lead to higher productivity.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of going green when you choose your next commercial space and why it’s worth investing a little extra in a modern, sustainable building.

Sustainability is more than a trend – it’s the way we do business now

Companies around the world are embracing green business practices at a rapid rate, with climate change and concerns about sustainability resonating in boardrooms in every major city. 

Cape Town is no exception to this, and companies like Woolworths – one of the city’s oldest and best known commercial entities – have been leading the charge with sustainability forming a key part of their branding strategy in recent years.

  • No matter how large or small your business may be, cultivating a green image could do wonders for your bottom line and create confidence among potential customers. 
  • A green office space that forms the backdrop for your client interactions is a sign that you really take sustainability seriously and are willing to invest in sustainable business premises. 
  • As the green movement goes from being a trend to becoming a basic expectation of every company, basing your business in an old-fashioned, environmentally unfriendly building could deal a serious blow to the future of your company. 

A modern green building, like many of the premises in our extensive portfolio, could be the place where your company puts down green routes for a bright future

Green office space is good for your bottom line

Image may be important in business, but what if your primary concern is profitability and not just branding? 

As it turns out, green buildings are cheaper to maintain in the long term and have a lower running cost, especially in a country like South Africa which has seen energy expenses rising year-by-year. 

  • Approximately 700 buildings around the country have been certified by the Green Building Council, representing an energy saving of 900 million KWH per year. As the green building trend continues the power savings it brings could help save SA from its ongoing power shortages. 
  • The recent conflict in Ukraine and its potential to disrupt fuel supplies caused world energy prices to rise dramatically, again underscoring the importance of sustainable energy in a world that needs to rely less on fossil fuels in order to combat global warming.

As your landlord enjoys lower energy costs and maintenance costs in the long term, you’re likely to see smaller rental increases. That means lower costs and ultimately better profitability for your business and that can only be a good thing in the long term

Green buildings are great for productivity in our current world

Employees who have gotten used to working from home and are returning to work, or at least a hybrid work environment, need to feel motivated to do so. 

  • Instead of coming back to an old-fashioned office, employees who find themselves in a fresh modern environment are likely to be more motivated and productive. 
  • There’s also a coolness factor that comes with working in a green office space, and if you’re looking to attract talent for your company (especially in the younger demographic of social media savvy employees), green facilities will definitely serve as a magnet for the type of people you want to hire.

Go green with us in 2022

From a better brand to lower overheads and a happier more productive staff team, a green building could be the perfect place to base your business this year.

The Commercial Space team has decades of collective experience and an in-depth knowledge of the commercial property market in the Cape Peninsula. Contact us today to begin your journey to a fresh modern new office premises.