When it comes to revenue-generating areas in a commercial building, the rooftop isn’t usually high on most people’s list – but there could be untapped income up top.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of them – and how you could go about setting them up.

Who wants to be on the roof anyway?

Most people who work in office buildings only visit the roof if they happen to park there – or if their building has an observation deck.

Building managers may visit the roof to check on water tanks and other utilities – but this area of the building can be transformed into a cash cow for property owners.

From rooftop bars to advertising and wi-fi transmitters, your building’s rooftop area could host a variety of income-generating features. The most common of these are wifi and mobile network transmitters, along with billboards and other forms of advertising.

Advertisers and communications firms want to shout from your rooftop

Your building’s roof area may be the ideal location for advertising billboards and wireless communication antennas.

Billboards placed strategically on a rooftop are eye-catching – and a proven advertising strategy that companies are more than willing to pay for on a monthly basis.

  • As long as there aren’t any municipal bylaws against billboard advertising in your area – and as long as your roof can safely hold one – this strategy is worth considering.
  • Mobile phone networks and wifi providers are always seeking locations for their transmission antennas – and your rooftop may be ideal.
  • Like billboards, transmission antennas attract a monthly income that provides excellent cash flow for building owners.

Is your building suited to advertising and antennas on top?

Whether you’re considering hosting advertising or transmission antennas on your rooftop, it’s always good to consider your building’s appearance.

  • Antennas are smaller and more discreet than billboards, and won’t change the structure’s appearance too much.
  • It’s important to note that heritage buildings may not be able to host structures on their rooftops.

Let us partner with you to maximise building income

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