According to traditional business thinking, having the right address is one of the requirements for success and credibility – but is this still true today?

Why your business address is important

As companies expand, one of the first things they upgrade is their office space. Having premises in a well-known, prestigious office building boosts the company’s image and tells its clients one thing: the business is successful.

Modern office solutions offer cut price prestige – at a cost

Today’s business owners (especially those who don’t require a lot of space) have realised that a prestigious address can be secured at a fraction of the cost of renting premises in a premier building.

Shared office space and virtual offices – which provide an address where packages can be delivered and offer workspace and meeting rooms available for hourly or daily hire – are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Are these facilities set to overtake traditional office suites as the premises of choice? Not quite yet.

Clients know the difference

Having a virtual business address is a perfect solution for an online business that seldom meets clients face to face at the company premises. However, clients who visit in person will soon realise that shared or virtual offices aren’t as prestigious as the company’s address may have led them to believe.

For this reason, businesses that are operating on a tighter budget may be better off hiring premises in a less prestigious building than opting for a virtual solution that looks great on paper (or a business website).

Many ‘right’ addresses to choose from

Having the right business address doesn’t have to mean renting an office suite in a top-grade corporate building.

Depending on the size of your business and the sector you deal in, there is a wide range of smarter space office solutions available in Cape Town today. Redevelopments in the CBD and Southern Suburbs, as well as trendy areas like Woodstock that are especially popular with startups, are excellent choices.

For companies that deal in premium services and target large corporate clients, the investment in a prestigious office suite may still be extremely worthwhile. The number of these premises has also increased in recent years.

Commercial Space has a large portfolio of premises to suit the needs of any business. Contact us today with your requirements and one of our area specialists will work with you to find the ideal office space.

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