Office environments have a powerful effect on the people who work in them.

The right mix of comfort, collaborative spaces, and general layout can help to produce happy, productive teams – but how would the ideal office space look?

Creating an office space that incubates success

We’ve talked about the benefits of the ever-evolving office setting on our Commercial Property Cape Town blog before, and employers across South Africa are embracing the trend.

Modern HR policy is centred around engagement, comfort, and creativity for employees. These factors combine to create increased productivity for managers and business owners – and the office environment plays a huge role.

Lighting, office layout, a mix of private and open work spaces, and environmental elements like plants, water and natural light all contribute to the overall office environment.

By getting this balance right, employers will be laying the groundwork for a happy, productive team.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of changing some light fittings and buying a potted plant. The design and arrangement of elements in an office space are just as important as the elements themselves.

Designing the perfect office space – customisation is key

Every business environment is different, and so are the processes that take place in the office.

A small creative team will require a different office space than a large accounting office – and the interior design of their premises needs to reflect that.

  • Natural lighting can be easily combined with moveable electric light sources for tasks that require high light levels.
  • A combination of private, semi-private and open work spaces provides the ideal balance for different types of meetings.
  • An office layout that encourages teamwork without making it compulsory will draw office users together naturally.
  • Smart aircon, an abundance of greenery and even water features can be used to create an organic environment where people feel at ease to be creative

Office managers and business owners should consider working with an interior designer to achieve the best office space layout.

By tweaking the various design elements that go into your office interior, you’ll be able to find the combination that works for you and your team. As your business grows and its need change, so can your office space.

If you’re looking to create the perfect office space, we’d love to help you view some of the best commercial property in Cape Town.

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