Every office has productivity as its main goal – but without the right lighting, your workforce may never achieve the goals you have in mind for them. Fortunately, solving your office lighting challenges is simple – here are some ways to light your way to success in business.

It’s hard to have vision when your workspace is dark

Human beings are visual creatures, and when things get dark we lose focus and motivation – in fact, our first instinct is to go into sleep mode. Having sufficient yet energy efficient light in the office is essential for an environmentally productive team – but it’s equally important to have the right type of light.

While we crave light to keep our minds active and focused on our tasks, the best source of that light is from the sun. Before you light your office using lights (and run up your monthly electricity bill), make sure that your office windows are letting in as much light as possible.

  • Closed blinds may be darkening your workspace and depriving you and your team of a great view – open them up for best results.
  • If you have the opposite problem – with too much light and glare coming in through your office windows – opt for lighter-coloured blinds that won’t make your workspace too dim.

Use layers of light

If the natural light coming into your office is bright enough for your team to carry out basic tasks, you’re more than halfway to having a well-lit, productive office.

The next step is to light each team member’s workspace according to their needs – and these will differ with the type of job each person does – this is called task lighting. The look of natural lighting can still be emulated with individual LED task lamps in each workspace.

  • Team members who spend a long time looking at computer screens will want lighting that produces minimal glare and reflection. Corrective lighting behind a computer monitor can help to diminish the glare.
  • Designers and people doing intricate work may need more than one light source.
  • For these types of jobs, halogen light bulbs can provide bright, gentle light that is easy on the eyes.

Other types of light sources such as overhead and ambient lighting should always be considered as part of your lighting décor solution, but not relied on as your sole source of illumination. When you choose your office, take a careful look around the premises and see how much natural light there is during daylight hours.

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