Office Opportunities in Cape Town CBD

When it comes to finding decent office space in prime locations in Cape Town, it can be quite a struggle. Often the size on offer is just not ideal when compared to the per square meter rates and if you find that this is something you are struggling with, then it’s time to approach the professionals in the field for assistance. With the help of a professional property broker you can have a wealth of office rental opportunities in Cape Town right at your fingertips.

Cape Town CBD is a hub of activity and is without a doubt a great location from which to run your business. Of course you will need to take the nature of your business into account and of course how much you have to spend each month on rental rates.

At Commercial Space we have prime office rentals available at between R 50 /m² – R185 /m². Parking bays are also available from as little as just R 800 up to R1200 per month. These are prices that you simply cannot beat, especially when you take into consideration the locations and areas that we have available.

A brief look at our website will have you advised on exactly what we have on offer. You can search for properties according to area, price and size and if you need any extra information before making an appointment to view properties, simply be in touch with us and one of our friendly team members will assist you every step of the way.

Below are some reasons why Cape Town CBD is the best area to rent office space:

  • Location, location, location! Cape Town CBD is at the heart of it all and you will be surrounded by potential clients and businesses.
  • Advertising – having your business signage and advertising in the middle of Cape Town city is the best possible advertising that you can ask for.
  • Views galore – if you are lucky enough to land prime office rentals such as the new glass Old Mutual Building, Portside, then you can expect to have exceptional views, which can certainly boost work morale.
  • Green Buildings, Oxygen, Electricity – As silly as it may sound, the new 5 Star + Green buildings now offer 100% fresh air as opposed to 30% fresh air and 70% recycled air which most of the older buildings currently run on.  There is also a significant saving of around 30% on electricity costs in some of the newer buildings.
  • Transport – central Cape Town has access to the best public transport routes which means that your staff members and customers won’t struggle to get to and from your premises.

These are just a few of the reasons why Cape Town CBD is the perfect location for your office rentals. Take the time to chat to our professional property brokers about your needs and requirements and allow us to present you with a variety of viable options to consider.

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