New trends in work/life balance, employee expectations, and workplace organisation are having a big effect on the way that business is done in South Africa. In part 1 of this series, we took a look at the evolving office space environment in SA. In this article, we’ll explore some of the workplace trends that employees love the most – and provide you with some practical tips for implementing them.

Today’s best office spaces are as relaxed as your favourite coffee shop

From co-working spaces to on-site restaurants, the focus today is on comfortable creativity and flexibility – and businesses that are serious about attracting the best talent will need to embrace this wave of the future.

Our knowledge-based economy requires employees who are creative, solution-driven and flexible – and nobody can be all of those things behind a dreary cubicle.

In order to attract talented team members and keep them, you’ll need to create an office environment that satisfies the needs and expectations of 21st-century professionals. One place that does this particularly well is your local coffee shop.

Grabbing your favourite cappuccino, flat white or espresso (to name just a few) while working on an important project or having an informal meeting has become an everyday event for most of us – and commercial property designers have taken note.

New office designs are all about sharing

With companies emphasising team collaboration and sharing of ideas, office designs are moving sharply away from top-down management layouts.

Old-fashioned office arrangements, with large management offices closed off from the sea of cubicles that employees used to be stationed at, simply don’t work for today’s collaborative companies.

If you’d like to embrace modern workplace management in your development or office, here are some tips for organising your office space and location.

  • Create social spaces – a business lounge is the ideal place for team members to meet and exchange ideas
  • Include private spaces for sensitive discussions – these could be small offices or special areas of the workplace that are closed off from prying eyes and ears
  • Invest in multimedia – good quality projectors and screens, fast internet, teleconferencing facilities and other tech innovations will set your premises apart
  • Choose a convenient location and encourage telecommuting – don’t make your team drive for an hour to get to work, and let them work remotely when possible.
  • Consider investing in a cafe-style refreshment area instead of a basic staff kitchen. If your building has a coffee shop or restaurant as a retail tenant, they may be the perfect catering provider.

As Cape Town’s commercial property sector adapts to the latest workplace trends, a number of cutting-edge office premises have become available. To view our portfolio of desirable office spaces, contact us today.