The African continent is becoming a major magnet for property investment, with economic growth and development reaching levels that were unimaginable a few decades ago.

With investors rushing to get an early bird advantage, how will the Cape Town commercial property sector benefit?

Cape Town Property

An African investment with a difference

Despite the huge investment opportunities in Africa, the continent is still seen by many investors as a high risk- high return market.

Cape Town is one of the African cities that bucks this trend, with a long history of stable returns. Rising prices, and South Africa’s developed legal and financial system provide investors with confidence and peace of mind.

Higher prices attract niche investors

It may be true that Cape Town, like other South African cities, has higher property prices than other cities on the African continent – and investors seeking a bargain may look elsewhere when buying commercial property.

However, with the stability and resilience of the Cape Town economy and its booming tech industry, the city should appeal to niche investors who see the high-end potential of its more developed commercial property sector.

A wave of interest from discerning investors is just what the local market needs to make commercial property as popular with foreign investors as residential property already is.

Property marketing needs to focus on Cape Town’s strengths

There is no denying that recent political events in South Africa are weighing on the minds of investors. Despite these factors the Cape Town economy and property market have performed well in the face of it and the reason is clear – the city has a tremendous amount to offer in terms of lifestyle and business opportunities.

If developers, agents, and property marketers succeed in selling Cape Town’s many strong points to foreign investors, the city may find itself at the forefront of Africa’s commercial property investment boom.

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