From Ratanga Junction to Ratanga Park – Bridgewater One and Park Development

When thrill-seekers took their last ride at Ratanga Junction in 2018, Capetonians were left wondering just what would take its place. Yet, the delayed closure of the iconic Cape Town amusement park after a bumpy ride of 19 years was not unexpected.

According to Rabie Property Group, the land had always been earmarked for development and the liabilities of running an unprofitable theme park with ageing equipment, seasonal weather problems and an inconsistent demand, all contributed to the inevitable closure of the facility.

Transforming the landscape – Ratanga Junction to Ratanga Park

Since the rides stopped the Rabie Group has been hard at work turning Ratanga Junction into  Ratanga Park, now one of the Mother City’s most beautiful new green spaces, once again transforming the landscape of Century City.  

Now, an exciting new development, the Bridgewater One and Park, is about to bring fantastic mixed-use amenities to this desirable space.

A Cape Town commercial space with a beautiful view is just what companies need to entice staff to return to the office this year. Let’s take a look at the Bridgewater development and find just what it has to offer.

World-class amenities with fantastic park views

The Bridgewater development invites residents to enjoy a fantastic green space in which to live, work and play

The development, which is built around Ratanga Park, will comprise several units with specific purposes and unique selling points.

  • An 80-bed luxury hotel overlooking the water, with architectural cues that recall the canals of Amsterdam, will provide comfortable accommodation for business and leisure visitors to Cape Town.
  • A commercial office block with state of the art facilities is planned for the development and will be connected to the adjoining Sable Corner building for easy access.
  • An office building consisting of studios and suites catering to the remote working market will form the final part of the Bridgewater One development. This ultra-modern office space will add an industrial-cool aspect to the estate. 

Bridgewater One and Park built with all users in mind

A major element in modern design thinking is usability with developments now catering not only for their owners and tenants but also for pedestrians and members of the local community to have access to these multi-use spaces.

The Rabie Group took multiple stakeholders’ input into account during the planning and design of Bridgewater One to produce a truly inclusive green space in Century City

  • Bridgewater Park will feature full pedestrian access with secure walkways and beautiful views over the water with Table Mountain in the background.

The innovative design language and overall architectural quality displayed by this development have earned it a four-star design rating, and future tenants and office users can look forward to an organic, user-oriented environment that suits their needs perfectly.

High tech features for safety and efficiency

No building in South Africa can afford to be lax about safety and at Bridgewater One, technology is being employed to its fullest capacity to ensure the safety of residents and commercial building users.

  • From eight- camera intercom screens to full access control in all lobbies and elevators across the development, 21st-century security features abound at Bridgewater and that’s excellent news for safety conscious tenants. 
  • The use of technology extends beyond security at this idyllic parkland estate. Easy parking payment using QR code scanning technology is just one of the many conveniences that await potential visitors to the hotel and office buildings at Bridgewater.

Secure your premium office space in Cape Town’s major up-and-coming area

Century City, like the northern suburbs in general, has undergone a rapid transformation over the past few decades and is now one of the city’s most popular places to live and work.

  • With easy access to Cape Town International Airport and a convenient drive to the CBD and southern suburbs, this area is the perfect midway point for sophisticated residential and commercial property buyers and tenants alike. 
  • The Bridgewater One development stands apart for its aesthetics with a mix of modern 21st century buildings set against the lush green expanse of one of the city’s most beautiful new parks. 

At a time when companies are looking to reopen their premises and some workers may be hesitant to return to the office, a beautiful setting like this could be the ideal place to locate your business in 2022. If you’d like to learn more about the Bridgewater One or other sought-after developments in Century City, the Commercial Space team is on hand to assist you. 

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