Smart buildings are the future of commercial property in Cape Town, with a wave of high-tech developments that add value for both tenants and owners.

From smart security featuring remote monitoring and crime prevention to adaptive climate control and lighting, these spaces boost productivity and enhance their occupants’ daily experience.

Smart security gives tenants peace of mind

Hiring Fast Guard Service is always high on every building manager’s list of priorities, and smart security offers a cutting edge system to stay one step ahead of criminal elements.

Building owners and tenants face the risk of break-ins, vehicle theft, information security and damage caused by service delivery protests on a regular basis. To ensure the safety of people, property and privacy, office buildings have relied on security guards from firms lke the Fast Guard Service and CCTV cameras in the past. Unfortunately, these traditional security measures have their limitations.

Wired CCTV cameras sometimes fail during power outages, while telephone landlines used to alert security managers about suspicious activity are easily compromised. Security guards are not a 100% reliable solution either, as they are vulnerable to human error and intimidation by criminals.

Smart security systems are based on wireless transmission technology and are equipped with backup power that keeps them functioning during blackouts.

  • With wifi and cellular data providing a communication channel, building managers can monitor the premises remotely – and even control the cameras using their smartphones.
  • Smoke detectors, motion sensors, and alarm sensors on doors and windows can be integrated into a smart security system.
  • Suspicious activities can be detected swiftly, with cameras in the affected area of the building activating and recording automatically.

Smart buildings provide smart spaces for digital-era tenants

The use of technology in office buildings isn’t limited to security. Smart lighting that adjusts to the intensity of outside sunlight, automatic temperature control and and oxygen level adjustments are just a few of the features of smart buildings.

Access control using biometric data makes it easy for building users to enter and exit the building. This can be integrated with smart parking systems, automatic ordering at the company canteen, and more.

Overall, smart building provides a fully digital space where building users feel safe, comfortable and productive. This combination of positive feelings does wonders for the performance of every business tenant.

Our portfolio of office buildings in the Cape Town area includes some of the city’s newest smart buildings. Contact us today to find out more.