Location gives way to Tech Appeal

Traditional estate agency thinking used to maintain that price, size and location were the deciding factors in a commercial property transaction – but today, high tech appeal (technology in all its forms) plays an equally important role.

As technology plays an ever-bigger role in the way we do business, tenants viewing prospective premises are becoming increasingly picky about the tech features that the building has to offer. From fast, reliable WiFi to cutting edge videoconferencing facilities and even charging stations, building managers are scrambling to satisfy the evolving needs of modern tenants.

Modern office buildings: wired for tech success

Virtually no business can succeed today without access to a fast, reliable data connection.

From business tools like email and basic web browsing to HD video conferencing and software packages that require high-speed internet to function, commercial property tenants can’t afford to be without the internet.

Given the crucial role that connectivity plays in the modern workplace, investing in a fast, reliable internet connection with strong WiFi throughout the building will pay off handsomely as a drawcard to potential tenants.

Smart offices are the future

When it comes to future planning for office building owners and managers, creating a smart office environment should be high on the list. Using WiFi and a reliable IT system, you can create an office environment with these features and more:

  • Wireless printing
  • Automated staff attendance checking
  • A high-security building access system
  • Water wise systems
  • Smart lighting and aircon that automatically adjusts for comfort and energy savings
  • An automated ordering system for the building’s canteen or restaurant.

As smart offices become the norm, a traditional building that functions perfectly well may still be seen as “dumb” by prospective tenants. For a small investment, you can keep your commercial property at the cutting edge of tenant requirements and increase its prestige and occupancy rate.

Budgeting for tech appeal upgrades

Some technologies – like videoconferencing facilities and a smart access system – are relatively costly and need to be installed in one go. However, there are plenty of tech upgrades that can be carried out gradually at a reasonable cost.

By balancing the cost of upgrading your building’s tech offering and the benefits of high long-term occupancy, you’ll achieve excellent returns in the long run.

If you’re looking for a modern office with cutting-edge tech features, we’d love the opportunity to show you our portfolio of premier commercial properties in the Cape Town area. Contact us today and our team will be happy to assist you.