Why use Commercial Space to find your offices?

Successful companies increasingly realise the value of using a professional property broker.  Here are the top reasons your company will benefit from Commercial Space to secure the best options for your business.

Your time is valuable

Finding and inspecting properties and negotiating contracts require dedication and a lot of time away from your core business.  A property broker is uniquely qualified to save you all the time and trouble and can help you finalise a deal much faster.  Commercial Space utilizes online technologies to streamline the process and help you with all the steps.  Having the benefit of relationships with not one but ALL of the landlords in Cape Town; the brokers understand what the going rate should be and what escalations are currently being signed by other tenants.

Benefit from information and experience

Commercial Space gives you access to a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise to assist and advise you in the following:

  • Determine the value of property through its income.
  • An accurate and through understanding of the current office rentals being achieved in Cape Town.  Understanding the location and its pros and cons are essential.
  • Specialised knowledge of Cape Town’s commercial real estate market, to help you make decisions.  Property brokers have access to data such as demographics, traffic and where your target clientele is.
  • Access to privileged information and help to act on it first.  You will learn about property that is not advertised yet or a development that is still on its way.
  • Help you analyse your needs and meet your goals.  Unlike listing agents, brokers can show you everything on the market and be forthcoming about the seller’s motivations and information.  You will therefore have more options to choose from.  Their loyalty lies with you and their motivation is to find the best possible fit.

Save money

Commercial Space saves you money through our market knowledge, time management, successful negotiations and deal structuring.  It is the most efficient and cost effective route in securing property.  Securing your office or warehouse location through us is guaranteed to save you money!

Enjoy integrated services

A commercial property broker adds value by offering all the services involved in acquiring a commercial property.  Commercial Space acts as the buffer between you and other parties.  Our brokers can skilfully negotiate the best deal or details of your lease terms.  They have developed a network of resources and business partners in Cape Town.  Brokers provide access to qualified service providers such as legal and financial services to make the process quick and easy for you.   They become your one point of contact, which simplifies office hunting for your business.  Understanding what current rentals are being achieved enables commercial space to help you make informed decisions about what rental you should be paying.  Having located 50 companies within the last year alone commercial space has their finger on the pulse in Cape Town’s commercial property market.

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Some of the clients whom have recently benefited from using Commercial Space to locate their office/warehouse space and save money on their rental thanks to the negotiation process and Commercial Space’s thorough understanding of the current market are the following:

SARS, Buchanan Boyes and Associates, Red Bull, Primi-World, Citrine, DHL, Pernod Ricard, Supersport, Zando, Gold Circle, GAAP, Cadiz, IDG (intelligent debt group) and many more have entrusted us with locating and negotiating the right rentals for their office and warehouse locations.  

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Understanding which areas are taking off and which areas are suitable for public transport and many other factors help in understanding where a business should be positioning itself.

Operating costs are a massive factor in today’s market: 

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Call Commercial Space now to get a market related quote on your current rental or to assist with locating your new space moving forward.

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