Commercial property Cape Town owners have been facing a tight market lately, and when buyers are reluctant to jump at a property deal it may be tempting to appoint as many agents as possible.

For reasons we’ll cover in more detail below, we believe that sole mandates are still the most effective way to sell your property. There’s simply no substitute for a focused and motivated property agent – and here’s why.

Sole mandate: become your agent’s top priority

Shared mandates, which involve giving your commercial property to several agencies to market, may sound like a good idea at first.

Those in favour of shared mandates point to the “all hands on deck” aspect of having multiple agencies promoting your property. The idea is that at least one of the agents will be able to bring a good buyer to the table.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work out so well in reality.

  • Shared mandates aren’t a motivator for agents because they are engaged in a race to the finish line. If another agent beats them to it, all the work they have done to secure a buyer will be in vain.
  • With shared mandates come shared commissions – or disputes over who actually secured the buyer. Some buyers have also been known to approach multiple agents to try and negotiate the best price possible.

By contrast, sole mandates are a great motivator for estate agents.

Having a degree of control over the marketing and vetting of buyers means your agent will be able to craft a tailor-made marketing plan for your commercial property.

Working with agents you can rely on – leave the details to us

At Commercial Space, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. When you partner with any one of our agents on a sole mandate, we make the sale of your property – and the optimal asking price – our top priority.

From advertising to scheduling viewings and negotiating with buyers, we’ll handle every aspect of the property sale. We will also work with you to prepare your commercial space for viewings, drawing on our wealth of knowledge in the property industry.

If you’re thinking of putting your commercial property on the market, we’d love to guide you through the process. Contact the Commercial Space team today.