South Africa’s property sector is becoming a place where dynamic professionals of all backgrounds can succeed, and female property specialists are no exception. In fact, they are setting the bar higher each year.

This year’s WPN (Women’s Property Network) Awards acknowledged specialists in a range of fields, including property surveying, finance, and executive management. The achievements of women entrepreneurs, the drivers of future growth in the sector, are also recognised by the WPN.

Celebrating excellence across SA

Recognising organisations that empower female property professionals as well as individual women who have distinguished themselves in the field, this year’s regional awards went to dynamic women throughout South Africa.

The WPN rewards several women from each region of South Africa, with the winners from KZN, the Western Cape  and Gauteng already having been announced. The overall national winners will receive the organisation’s top awards at a ceremony to be held on the 26th of October at MonteCasino in Johannesburg.

Women excel in all aspects of property

From chief strategists to financial directors, heads of operations and human settlements officers, women are making their presence felt at top management level in both the private and public sectors.

In addition to being female, some of the most dynamic professionals in the property sector also come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds – proving that the economic legacy of Apartheid is being eliminated day by day.

This across-the-board excellence on the part of female property professionals is a great personal achievement and an excellent sign of things to come for a sector which is valued at over 5 trillion Rand and is a major contributor to jobs and foreign investment in South Africa.

A bright future for women in property

WPN’s regional prize winners number almost 40 – and this number represents just a few of the dynamic female professionals who are transforming the property sector on a daily basis.

The time when property was seen negatively, as an industry dominated by greying white men, has drawn to a close – and in its place is a growing, thriving market where everyone is welcome.

If the current trend continues, female property specialists should continue to thrive and push new boundaries in the property sector.

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